General Business Terms for Business Clients

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. They shall specify their rights and obligations, and applicable warranty and limitations of liability.

By accepting or purchased from CB Computech product (s) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions described below. Any attempt to modify this document, supplement or otherwise modify, and apply it to a product that other conditions or extended is subject to void unless the changes were approved by both parties in a written agreement.

A binding sales contract is concluded only by the customer’s order, if CB Computech does not contradict immediately.

Prior terms and conditions is July 2009. CB Computech reserves the right to change this agreement and is not subject to a prior notice of such changes.

We recommend that you print out these terms and conditions for your records.

1. Parties and Definitions

Below is with “CB Computech,” “we” or and / or “our” company CB Computech meant “us”. We only deliver to business customers. Business customers are customers that are not considered as a consumer within the meaning of § 13 BGB.

“You” or “your” hereinafter referred to the individual who purchases products or services from CB Computech and this is on behalf of his / her company.

Below this agreement on the terms and conditions is referred to as the “Treaty” which comes through the acceptance of the order by CB Computech and the subsequent payment of the customer in advance, credit card or other payment means about.

“Products” means products which are shown on the website of CB Computech or offered for sale.

“Services” means the services that are offered from time to time on the website of CB Computech.

2. General – Scope and amendments to the General Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are applicable to order, purchase, receipt, delivery or use of the products offered by us. No other terms will apply. These terms and conditions do not affect their civil rights. This does not affect the conclusion of a contract.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions, including the warranty and payment terms at any time and are not obliged to announce such revisions or changes. The notice of such changes to the terms and conditions via the display of messages on our website. For contracts entered into on the basis of previous terms and conditions in force at the conclusion of the contract provisions continue to apply. A current version of our General Conditions may at any time be viewed on our website. Regular inspection is their responsibility.

3. Our products

Our range of products and services is subject to constant updating and revision. We reserve the right to update our product offering at any time, revise and / or remove products from the offer. In addition, we reserve the right to adjust prices without prior notice.

There is no guarantee that a product is available. All orders are governed by the current availability of the product in question. We reserve the right to bring forward orders and the stock should be allocated between the orders, as it seems to make sense. If a specific product is not available, we will send you a product that the product ordered in functionality and performance is similar. It is therefore possible that small differences between the product delivered and the product described in the product description exist. The parts and components used for the production of CB Computech products are selected from new and re-conditioned parts. The components comply with accepted industry standards. Spare parts may be new or reconditioned parts.

All references to weight and dimensions on our site are approximate.

Although we will be very careful that the content and information on our website is correct, we can not completely rule out inaccurate information or typos. This includes errors in the specification of prices. We are not obliged to justify us for false information and are not to be considered for such false statements to account. We constantly carry out improvements and / or changes to products, services, prices and other details available on our website.

4. Prices

The price of the product is the one at the time of acceptance of your order was valid. This award can be found in either our offer on our website, or from a written offer that was sent to you via email or mail before placing your order.

Reported on the website price includes VAT. It may also be that additional costs for customs, duties, exchange rates or other charges incurred. The detailed costs for shipping and packaging, transport, insurance, VAT or other additional duties, tariffs or taxes can be found in our written offer to your inquiry.

5. Terms of payment

Accepted payment are:

cash in advance

The payment of the full amount is due immediately after acceptance of your order by CB Computech. Different payment terms are recognized in the statement. Customer payments must be made exclusively on CB Computech. CB Computech reserves the right to charge the customer for payment in advance. If the customer is in arrears with payments, CB Computech is entitled to the delivery of other orders of the customer to withhold the payment of the arrears is done. If the customer fails to meet its payment obligations or applied for insolvency with Him or is initiated, CB Computech is authorized to make the total sum irrespective of the duration for immediate payment. In addition, CB Computech is then entitled to effect any outstanding deliveries against advance payment or security deposit. If services are not pre-payments or security deposits even after setting an appropriate period, CB Computech is entitled to withdraw from the contract in Hinblich on yet unexecuted services, with follow that all claims of the customer expire in terms of shipments not yet effected. In these cases, CB Computech can assert addition to the withdrawal or monetary damages and proprietary rights. The power to offset the customer only if his counterclaims have been legally established, are undisputed or recognized by CB Computech. Lien or other rights to refuse performance can be compared with CB Computech only if and to the extent they are based on the same contractual relationship. Even with the current business relationship each individual order shall be deemed a separate contractual relationship. Complaints of whatever kind, not entitle withholding of payments, unless the defects complained of res judicata, are undisputed or recognized by CB Computech. We reserve the right to transfer the billing and payment processing to other service providers.

6. Ordering activity, order taking, troubleshooting, conclusion

We reserve the right to accept or reject an order and will inform you if we can not process your order. All you performed orders require our approval.

We will notify you by e-mail about the receipt of an order. The confirmation of a purchase order is created automatically and means that the order has reached us.

The come about of a contract depends on the availability of the ordered product and the approval of the chosen payment method. Until not both of gennanten issues were recognized CB Computech is not obliged to provide products or services. If you have chosen a different form of payment as payment by bank transfer or credit card (and we have this payment does not accept), we are entitled to cancel a purchase order or contract without notice if payment of the outstanding amount not seven (7) days is received after sending the order confirmation from us.

7. Warranty

CB Computech warrants to the purchaser that all parts of the computer, etc. exclusively of software manuals are free from defects in relation to quality of work and materials. This is valid for the duration of the warranty period (24 months) from date of invoice. Invoices with date of invoice after the 31th of july 2021, got 36 month warranty, begin with the date of invoice. During this time, CB Computech’s option, either (a) provide replacement parts necessary for repair, (b) replace the machine or components or (c) refund the appropriate amount minus wear once the product at CB Computech received , Replacement parts are new or reconditioned parts that are comparable in function and performance to the original. In this part we give at least 14 calendar days warranty or the remainder of the original warranty period. Subsequent purchases or upgrades do not extend the warranty period. The shipping of defect parts takes place by the customer also the shipping cost. For organizational reasons, we cannot accept goods returned carriage forward. The return of the repaired goods is also free shipping by CB Computech. For processing we need a copy of the invoice as well as an exact description of the defect (“defective” or for repair” is not sufficient). If these documents are not enclosed with the return, CB Computech has the choice between a chargeable fault diagnosis or the unrepaired return for a processing fee. The return should only be made in original packaging and according to our RMA processing. Transport damage due to insufficient packaging shall be borne by the customer.

This product warranty only includes normal use. Warranty does not cover damages that were caused during delivery (except for the delivery to the original purchaser), and the following damages: Actions which are outside the control of CB Computech, such as Shock, liquids, fire, flood, wind, earthquake, lightning or similar disaster, war, lockout, epidemics, destruction of home or office, riot, rebellion or material shortages; unauthorized modifications, extensions or peripherals; improper use, environmental influences, faulty installation or electrical supply; improper maintenance; incorrect use or other abuse. This product liability does not include software or products that do not originate from CB Computech.

In addition to the above-mentioned claims rejected CB Computech from any other liability, provided that they are not required by law. All warranty claims, which can not be excluded, restricted to the contents of this Agreement.
CB Computech and your liability limit themselves to a maximum of the purchase price you have paid for products or services. Neither CB Computech nor severally liable for damage to property or persons, loss of use (even for connected devices), loss of business, “Down Time”, loss of profits, loss of data, and any other damages, losses and claims of third parties, regardless of whether a breach of contract, breach of warranty and negligence unless otherwise regulated by law.

8. Use and protection of personal data

You are responsible for ensuring that:

any information that is disclosed, in accordance with the truth, accurate, current and complete.
Specifying any changes in the customer information and so ensure the accuracy and validity of the data.

9. Delivery

The products are delivered to the address you specify. We are committed to request a qualified shipper with delivery, and otherwise take every necessary for the safe transportation of the product measures. It may be that products are distributed over different partial deliveries. The order in which you the various partial deliveries go not fixed and each delivery is subject to any other agreement. The non-delivery of one or more installments shall not affect the contract in terms of partial deliveries previously obtained and you are obliged to accept the products already delivered.

10. Delivery

Our goal is to deliver orders as quickly as possible. If you order a delivery takes place 14 – 30 working days after receipt of payment in our account department. All information on a specific delivery date is an estimate only and we can not guarantee that delivery takes place at a specified date. If the shipment of your order or the extent of their system delay that the specified time frame beyond will, you will be informed by e-mail or phone about it. If products are not available to any of us or estimated date specified, it is possible that we will cancel the order and refund you money. When canceling an order on our part, we commit ourselves only to a refund of payments made by you, either in whole or in part.

11. International

International refers to all countries outside Europe or not EU Member States. Switzerland and Norway are considered part of Europe and not International

12. Retention

The ownership of the product is transferred to you once we have passed the product to the carrier. The passing of risk occurs as soon as the carrier has delivered to the specified address. Ownership of software applications that reside on the product or accompanying the product remains regardless of the payment by us or the relevant licensors. We reserve the right to send you to prohibit the use of the product and take legal action (or a third party to organize this example collection), payments should not be made on the agreed date or should have the credit card companies refuse to make payments or payments already made for the product recover from any fermentation.

13. Software Licenses

Any software subject to the license agreement that accompanies the product you receive from us. It is licensed either by us or the applicable licensor for you. Here, the respective end-user license agreement or other terms included with the purchased software and / or the product or service apply. Software may not be disassembled, decompiled, reverse engineered, combined with other software applications, redistributed, copied, translated, adapted or modified.

If not accompanied by a separate software license agreement, it automatically is a non-exclusive, non-transferable single license valid for use only with the supplied product.

14. Adoption of the product

It is your responsibility to check the condition of the product upon delivery and to ensure that the contents of the package is correct and complete. If you do not us upon delivery or shortly thereafter any defects notified, we assume that the products have been accepted by you in perfect condition and the delivery is complete with all accessories, documentation, components, and other related products and with the information stated in the purchase contract.

15. Right of Return

Generally, a right of return is excluded. We only deliver to B2B Customers. However if you don’t like a product that you purchase from us, let us know and we try to find a way to solve it. This does not apply to customized products, bulk orders, and is not enforceable.

16 pixel defects warranty at CB Computech

CB Computech is of course always ready to provide all the products are free from defects. If you have received a screen or touch display with one of us and this has at least 6 pixel error or are missing at least 6 pixels then please send an email to us in order to check whether your LCD eligible for exchange in question.

17. Data protection and confidentiality

When placing your order:

You agree that we process their personal information. These include the name and title, address, telephone number, contact information and other personal information (“Personal Information”)
You understand that we need such Personal Information for the formation of a contract and consent to the use of their data for this purpose agree. You agree that the personal data may be forwarded in this connection to a partner company of CB Computech outside the European Economic Area (CB Computech adheres strictly to the Data Protection Acts 1998 and 2003). We undertake not witerzugeben the data without their express consent to companies that are not affiliated with CB Computech (“third parties”). Exceptions:
Personal information may be disclosed to third parties, if the fulfillment of conditions described in this contract depends.
Personal information may be disclosed to third parties to fulfill legal obligations of CB Computech or affiliated companies.
Personal information may be disclosed to third parties, where such third parties need this in order to create a service to us or connected to CB Computech Unterhehmen can. In these cases, we will ensure that the third parties concerned comply with our Privacy Policy.
You use personal information for purposes other than the agreed purposes.
Personal data will only be passed if they are protected from unauthorized access, use or accepted our privacy policy and compliance is ensured.
There we do not violate the law.
At her request, we also inform third parties that have been passed on to the personal data of changes of personal data. If we do not have direct access to the data, we will make every effort to pass on those changes. If the data however, were passed to the companies we have entrusted with the payment processing, it may be that you personally need to contact these companies directly to make such changes. We take no responsibility for the amendment of their personal data if they have been passed (with their consent) to companies that deal with the processing of payments and for this purpose the control of the data and / or take.

18. Jurisdiction

The sale of products and / or services, terms and conditions are handle by German law.

19. Any other business

We do not take any responsibility if the failure to fulfill our obligations were brought about by circumstances which are beyond our control (force majeure). These include in particular natural disasters such as lightning, flood, fire, explosion, war, civil war, industrial disputes (whether our employees are involved or not) or actions of central or local government or other competent authority, sowei events that are beyond the control of our suppliers.

20. Notification and communication

All parties (you or we) agree that you will receive important notifications personally, witerzuleiten by e-mail, by regular mail or fax to the other party. For sending notifications or messages the most current contact information to be used that are specified by the Receiving Party.
It is assumed that the recipient has received the notification or announcement, (1) if the shipment is later by a courier or any other form of personal transport of narrowing of the pre-shipment by the recipient address specified by a certain date; or (2) have passed upon dispatch by post 5 days after shipping (airmail with acknowledgment of receipt) to the last before the shipping address indicated by the beneficiary; or (3) recently carried out a sending fax to that of the recipient before sending the fax number indicated. As proof of dispatch shall be the transmission report indicating a successful dispatch. When sending messages by e-mail, it is assumed that the recipient has received the message; (1) if it can be assumed that the e-mail can be viewed by the recipient; (2) the sender receives a message about the successful sending of the e-mail address of the recipient; (3) 48 hours of sending the e-mail if the sender has not received any message up to this point, stating that the email was successfully sent to the specified email address. The cancellation of an order of your page by e-mail will only be valid if the email has been received by us.

We reserve the right to cancel orders or other communications to accept phone and confirm. Telephone agreements with us are as valid as written agreements.

21. Disclaimer

You are not allowed to register a web domain or use, which uses a trademark or brand name of CB Computech (ie CB Computech) as a whole or in parts or very similar so has it.

The headings used in the various parts of this Agreement are intended only for ease of reference and reference. They constitute a substantial part of the Terms and conditions and it may not be relied on.

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions be wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of other contractual content.