Industrial Monitors for airport operations

Big size monitors from 32″ ~ 65″

Monitors used for airport applications are often confronted with harsh environmental conditions. The monitors must be stable and resistant to heat, dust and dirt. Conventional monitors usually do not serve this purpose because they are originally designed for the consumer market and often find their use in offices or meeting rooms. Also, these monitors have no IP protection as it is often found in industrial equipment.

We have optimized our big size industrial monitor series for daily use in harsh airport environement. The front has IP65 safety class and the backside IP40. Special sealing tapes on the inside prevent the ingress of dust and dirt. All products of this series are fanless (passive) designed and the components used are not subject to mechanical wear. The application areas are manifold. The monitor can serve as an information display or used for air traffic control, as well as in the security area for monitoring. Since every customer has different requirements, these monitors are modular designed and can be configured by us according to customer requirements.

Product Overview

Size Description Product No Datasheet
32.0″ 16:9 32″ Monitor for airport application CBSTMNTFL-32T3 32inch monitor for airport application
42.0″ 16:9 42″ Monitor for airport application CBSTMNTFL-42T3 42inch monitor for airport application
55.0″ 16:9 55″ Monitor for airport application CBSTMNTFL-55T3 55inch monitor for airport application
65.0″ 16:9 65″ Monitor for airport application CBSTMNTFL-65T3 65inch monitor for airport application

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