Customized Industrial PC – made for your existing machine or new development

Are you planning a new machine or would you like to rebuild an existing machine with a new industrial PC?

For rebuild an existing machine with an Industrial PC, you are often tied to certain dimensions and cannot change them easily, because the machine design don’t allow it. Various connections are there, which are absolutely necessary and can not be removed during modernization. For these situations, we offer an industrial PC with custom-made to the respective design of your machine.

Or you are planning a new machine and you need an industrial PC for specific requirements. Also here we can help you out with a new production according to your specifications. Together with you we take over the planning of the device, set the specifications and design to develop a prototype. After successful testing and approval from your side, we go into production.

Have we spark your interest? We would be pleased to receive a corresponding inquiry from you.

Industrial PC Project Inquiry


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