Touch PC Home and Building Automation

Efficient management of buildings with comfortable touch control in a stylish housing that is completely integrated inside the wall

A Touch Panel PC for home and building automation developed, shapely, bezel-free, with seamless glass front in an aluminum frame. Depending on your wishes and tastes, we offer the right system for wall installation. A pleasant operation due to the capacitive touch is finally ensured even with screen diagonals of 21 inches. The industrial motherboards offer a high standard of reliability, 24 hours and 7 days a week. In addition, the design provides a beautiful and seamless integration into your home or office, as it can not be better. Impress your customers with a Touch Panel PC of this series. We offer you attractive dealer conditions. Your customer would like to have a specific design? That’s ok, we offer you customization according to your wishes and requirements. We look forward to your inquiry

Wall-Mount Box

For this series of Panel PCs, we optionally deliver the matching wall-mount boxes from sizes 15.0 ~ 21.5 inches. The boxes are made of stainless steel. For installation, the box is inserted flush into the wall, the cables are fed in and connected to the Panel PC. The mounting bolts on the right and left back side of the Panel PC guarantee trouble-free installation. After the Panel PC has been mounted, it upgrade your room with a very nice look.

For home and building automation

To mount inside a wall