Full IP66 Touch for the food industry

Perfect for all food processing companies

Specially designed to meet the highest hygiene standards within the food industry, our Full IP65 water-proof touch Panel PCs provide a robust and intelligent solution for your business. The entire construction is designed for use under strict hygienic conditions. The housing is made of stainless steel and is completely closed to meet the IP65 standard. The front is smooth without edges and corners where dirt can settle. The operation of the capacitive touch screen is very precise and thus finds a high acceptance among your employees.

Since harsh conditions often occur in production, you don’t have to be afraid about the Touch Panel PCs. The stainless steel housing is designed solid and the built-in touch is located under the front glass and is therefore less sensitive to mechanical influences.

The Touch PCs are easy to clean, even with strong disinfectants. The use in the freezer area, as well as in hot surroundings, e.g. Smoke chambers is also possible. Each Touch Panel PC can be individually equipped according to your wishes and requirements with the required CPU, memory and hard drive.


  • 36 Months product warranty

  • Stainless steel V4A chassis

  • Full IP66 Safety

  • Capacitive touch sensor, usable with gloves

  • Frameless front, ideal for cleaning

  • Various monting options

  • 24/7 operation

  • Special sizes on request