Rack Mount Touch Panel PC for installation in a server rack enclosure with 19“ front bezel

The rackmount Touch Panel PC, ideal for the use in a server rack cabinet

The rackmount Panel PC is ideally suited to install in a server rack enclosure. It is specially designed for installation in a standard 19 “rack and is equipped with a 19-inch front bezel. All models of this Rackmount Panel PC series also have a resistive touch. In order to provide the appropriate performance for the respective applications, all Rackmount Touch Panel PCs are available with different processor types for different performance levels.

From the very compact, low-cost, fanless processors of the Intel Bay Trail Celeron series to the powerful Intel Core i processors with outstanding performance. In addition, a modular design of all Panel PCs ensures individual adaptability to the respective requirements. Storage, hard disks, interfaces and other components can be flexibly selected. As operating system, various Linux variants as well as Windows versions can be used. The Touch Panel PC case is flat and compact and has an elegant and high-quality 19 inch aluminum frame in silver (standard) or black anodised. If necessary, build-to-order is also possible, so that the Rackmount Touch Panel PC exactly meets the respective requirements.

Mounting Options

for use in a 19″ DIN server rack


Suitable for a wide range of applications in the industrial environment

Safety Class

Front bezel, dust and water protection according to protection class IP65