Touch Panel PC Resistive Series

with 5-wire resistive touch technology

Touch Panel PCs are very versatile and suitable for various industrial applications. The user-friendly and intuitive operation via touch screen handling compared to traditional PCs with keyboard and mouse is considerably simplified and accelerated. This means that many work processes are much more efficient. This series of Panel PCs are equipped with a resistive touch, which are particularly well suited for everyday use in production. The Panel PC can be also easily use for industrial automation to Control or monitoring machinery. All units are also equipped with a standard VESA preparation on their back cover to be easily connected with VESA holders for wall mount.

Depending on the required performance and applications you can choose between different processors. Ranging from very compact and fanless Intel Atom processors to the latest Intel Core i7 processors, the range of selectable processor Type is huge. In addition, the modular design allows you to fit many customized features inside, also we can choose some extra I/O to your requirement. To operate the popular operating systems like Windows or Linux are supported in different versions also embedded versions.
Good quality components are used to bulid this Panel PC, which are in a rugged housing. The housing has a very slim and compact design and is surrounded with a high quality aluminum frame. If required, we also manufacture custom device models, even in small quantities.

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