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  • Touch – Carrier Glass

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Optical Bonding means the bonding of two materials by an optical adhesive (eg display and touch ). During the bonding process the air gap between the two media is avoided. The unit is less sensitive to humidity and temperature fluctuations. In addition, less reflection , improved optics , higher durability and longer life is obtained.

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Advantages of Optical Bonding

during bonding glass reflection is reduced, this brings out a better contrast and better readability without higher power consumption even in critical lighting conditions.

since there is no air gap between the glass panel, touch screen or display, no moistureor condensation can penetrate and settle down.

a bonded display is more stable and more resistant against mechanical stress , the device is therefore also more robust.

by closing the insulating air gap between the glass panels heat can escape to the outside and results in a better heat dissipation.

impoved optics for the user