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Industrial PC OEM ODM Services for Touch Panel and Industrial Box PCs

we offer OEM-ODM services, when a standard products do not meet your needs , and you can not find a suitable solution in our program ? You have very definite ideas with independent design and want to implement it ? Therefor we offer you two ways to achieve this .

1. OEM Development (Original Equipment Manufacture)

Modifikation of a standard product, for example:

  • Own logo
  • Customized BIOS
  • Modifications of interfaces or connections
  • Modification of housing parts and holders

2. ODM Development (Original Design Manufacture)

Completely new development to your specifications, for example:

  • Custom design (housing size, motherboard size, form factor)
  • Custom configuration (chipset, ports, graphics, etc.)
  • Setting of operation parameters (operating temperature, vibration resistance, protection classes, etc.)
  • Product Protection

With a team of experienced developers we implement your ideas and concepts . We have in the OEM / ODM developing wide-ranging experience and extensive know-how . From the creation of a prototype to series production, we accompany you throughout the entire development process with extensive consultation.

Price Reduced Products and Components!

Products and components from customer samples, exhibitions or EOL (End-of-Life) with 24 month warranty.

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