RMA processing rules. Important information for your RMA Service


Deliveries without a completed RMA form will not be accepted. Please ensure that the goods are packed securely in our packaging specifications. For damage resulting from improper packaging of the goods, we accept no liability. When sending goods back, you are required to check the goods on the acquisition or delivery IMMEDIATELY for transport damage. In case of visible transport damage, this is immediately noted on the acceptance documents and to report to the deliverer.

For a defect product, please follow these steps:

1. Return a product within the warranty period

Please check with us in advance whether a technical problem can be resolved without returning. If the Problem can not be solved by phone or remote access, you will receive a RMA -ID number. With this number you can send the device or component to us.

Complaints of low-cost products that do not exceed a value of 10 €

Low cost products such as cables and smaller items which have a value below 10 Euro, shipping costs often exceed the cost of processing a return of the product. If this happen we handle as efficiently as possible for you, these products will be exchanged or credited for free. A return of the defective goods is not required in this case. With above-average common complaint of such cost-effective components it could be that we advise you to send us the part for quality assurance and preclusion of production errors or mishandling. Plaese keep the broken part for 30 days. After 30 days you can dispose it.

If a product returns within the warranty period, but the analysis shows that the defect was caused by improper use, the warranty fail and the cost of the processing plus shipping costs will be charged.

Return a product to CB Computech

Please observe the following procedure when returning to us:

  • Goods must be packed according to “packaging of shipments”
  • RMA-ID must be readable outside on the box
  • Backup all important data before sending to us. CB Computech not be liable for any loss of data submitted to the devices or components

2. Return out of warranty

For complaints outside the warranty customer must pay the shipping cost + handling fee for error report and prepare of the documents. Please make sure to backup all data before sending to us and follow the shipment rules.

Packaging of goods for shipment. Please read this carefully

Each shipment of products must be packed in a safe outside box and resistent against shock, vibration or pressure. To ensure a damage-free transport, you should pay attention to the packaging. In the case of hazardous material shipping special packaging regulations must be observed. When shipping the national regulations of the IATA DGR, the provisions of the ADR, shipped internationally in addition. In these regulations, the requirements for the packaging material, the structure and the contents of the package are described in detail.

inner packing

  • A proper inner packaging is just as important as a good outer packaging. The inner packaging cushions, fixes the product and provides spacing between the individual contents and the outer packaging.
  • It is important that pressure and fracture-sensitive shipping material never rests directly on the outer packaging or other content parts. Fragile content parts such as glass, ceramics, sculptures, electronics, etc. require particularly careful packaging. Here you provide at least 50 mm distance between the product and packaging.
  • Packages with several products should also include separating elements, so that all the content parts are well secured against slipping.

outer packing

  • It is important that you take care when choosing the shipping box to the right size (content plus padding) and sufficient stability. Particularly suitable are corrugated boxes.
  • Depending on the weight and size of the goods to be shipped, you can (padded or paperback) also use sturdy boxes made of cardboard, flexible packaging paper envelopes and mailers.

Secure closing of the goods before shipment

  • Secure your goods and the packages very well. Make sure that nothing can fall up and down inside during shipment. Make sure that you pack everything in a strong material like outside box etc.
  • Suitable examples are self-adhesive packaging tapes made of plastic with a standard width of mostly 50 mm. But you can also use adhesive tapes with applied reinforcing yarns.

Please fill out the RMA form below. After we recieve it we will get back to you with detail information how to procced further


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