Cable Assembling

Production of cable sets, plug-in connectors or single strands around the industrial PC.

LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) is an interface standard for data transmission to drive a LCD display directly. An LVDS cable provides fast data transfer at low voltage and improved noise performance. Preferably, these cables are used to connect motherboards (embedded boards) with LCD displays. Since the boards and displays have different pin assignments and sometimes different connectors, the cables must be adapted. In this process, it is important that the manufacturer knows all the requirements to make sure that a high-quality cable set get produced. To be insensitive to electromagnetic interference, the lines are twisted together. In addition, connectors from reputable manufacturers such as JAE, Hirose, Molex, Tyco, JST etc. are used.


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We supply you not only LVDS and LED cable sets, we supply everything you need for cables and connections in an industrial PC. If you already got an own drawing, you are welcome to send it to us, otherwise we will provide you a free drawing to produce a sample (prototype). All we need is the name of the desired board and the name of the display you will use. We draw the pin layout and define the associated connectors on both ends of the cable.

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