Full IP66 Aluminum Touch PC Series

Full water-protected touch PC for versatile industrial applications

This full IP66 aluminum touch PC series is available in resistive and capacitive touch technology and is an inexpensive alternative to a full IP66 stainless steel touch PC thanks to optimized manufacturing techniques.

We manufacture this series with capacitive or resistive touch units. The series is robust and equipped with the latest Intel CPUs. The surface of the housing is anodized to avoid fingerprints and to make cleaning easier. The main memory as well as the size of the SSD (Solid State Drive) and the operating system can be configured according to customer requirements.



Select your Full IP66 Aluminum Touch PC in the desired CPU configuration below

Full IP66 I/Os in different configurations according to customer requirements

The waterproof connections on the back are called M12. The required connection cables are included. We can route a total of 6 connections to the outside. The standard assignment is: 3x USB, 2x GLAN, 1x RS-232. We can change this assignment depending on customer requirements.