New Industrial Touch PC series for use in dusty and harsh environments

Our new Industrial Touch PC series is now available and starts with the sizes 19 “and 24”. The housing is made entirely of aluminum to ensure optimum heat dissipation. We have deliberately omitted ventilation openings to reduce dirt and dust deposits inside. All installed components are of high quality. The design is fanless, the cooling passive, as well as all our other touch PCs. By default, SSDs are installed, but HDDs can also be installed on customer request. The Touch PC can be attached to the wall, niche, column or machine via VESA preparation and the corresponding VESA holder. The installation in a control cabinet is also possible. There are tapped holes on the back of the front bezel, that allow the Touch PC to be mounted in the cabinet door.

It is optionally possible to install a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), which bridges power failures for several minutes and then shuts down the System if the external voltage continues to be absent. The new series is available as a capacitive and resistive version and in different CPU configurations. Below you will find links, there you can select the desired touch technology and later the desired CPU.

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