Touch PC, DIN Rail PC Home and Building Automation

Touch PCs for Home and Building Automation. In more and more modern buildings various functions must be controlled, and this can be optimally done with a Touch Panel PC for home and building automation. The Touch Panel PC for home automation is this fanless system and complete wall integrated. It can be mounted in home, office buildings, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels or convention centers. The Touch Panel PC for wall installation provides comfort in the building and integrates perfectly into the particular environment. We provide you a whole range of models in different sizes and configurations for different purposes.

The Touch PCs for home and building automation are equipped with a capacitive touch (PCT) and glass front. The touch respond by your finger without any pressure when touching the front glass, because you finger builds a capacitive resistor and change the electrical field inside. In addition, the capacitive touch can also detect multiple touch points simultaneously, which allows user gestures such as pinch gesture. With it, you can easily get two fingers for zoom or reduce image content. With our in-wall box you be able to integrate the panel pc complete inside the wall. The Installation steps are very simple. You can get this series from us with different CPUs and aslo in different sizes. The size of memory or hard disk you can also choose. On request we be able to modify the Touch PCs according to your specifications.

We also carry DIN-Rail PCs in different CPU variations. Optimal for use as a central home server