Touch Panel and Box PCs for Industrial Automation use

When we speak today of an industrial PC in the industrial automation field, we ensure that the following requirements are set. The Industrial PC should have a long-term availability of at least 5 years or more. The components should preferably fanless, no moving parts and a long service life have to be performed, the housing strong and partially closed. Now there are various applications in the industry, the most of it require different products for your application.

Depending on the industry, you can use a variety of Panel PCs, Embedded PCs. For devices that are exposed in the production environment with a lot of dust, dirt and water, we recommend the Full IP65 Touch Panel PC, because it is all around dust, dirt and splash-proof. All other production companies can also use our standard series or the rack mount use variant. All units of the standard series are protected frontside IP65 and can be installed in cabinets, niches, racks, machinery or wall mount by using a VESA bracket.

Below you will find product links to our Touch Panel and Industrial PCs for most industrial applications. All our Touch Panel PCs got a IP65 Safety at the fontside.

We manufacture tailor-made products for applications in harsh industrial environment. If your area is not listed under “Industry Sectors”, you are welcome to give us some information and leave us a message here. We will contact you as soon as possible and configure together with you the right product according to your needs.


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