Industrial Touch PC for Vehicle Washing Systems

Robust and fully water-protected industrial Touch PCs made of stainless steel for the use in vehicle washing systems (gantry washing systems and car washes). The front of the touch panel is flat and bezel-free. The full ip65 connectors on the back also made of stainless steel to make sure that no water get inside the panel pc. The whole design is optimized for the rugged use in vehicle washing systems. The front got a robust glass with capacitive touch that can be operated even when it is wet. Depending on the purpose and lighting conditions, we can also equip our device with a sunlight-readable display up to 2500 cd / m2, to allowing operation and readability in direct sunlight. This Touch PC Series are suitable for all vehicle washing systems.

Product Overview

Size Description Product No Datasheet
15.0″ 4:3 15″ Full IP65 Touch PC for vehicle washing systems CBFUMTFW-15TM 15
17.0″ 4:3 17″ Full IP65 Touch PC for vehicle washing systems CBFUMTFW-17TM 17
19.0″ 4:3 19″ Full IP65 Touch PC for vehicle washing systems CBFUMTFW-17TM 19
21.5″ 16:9 21″ Full IP65 Touch PC for vehicle washing systems CBFUMTFW-21TMW 21

Components (Optional)

If you have special requirements and may require a sunlight-readable display, or other components to operate with your car wash system, please give us some information at the message block of the Inquiry Form.


Our housing does not fit with your car wash system design? No problem, we can customize our touch panels to your specifications. Talk to us, we are happy to help and advise you comprehensively.

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