Full IP65 Touch Panel PC resistive series. Water and dust proof, for harsh environments

For all industrial applications and use in harsh environment were dust and water proof are necessary

In many industrial applications are Full IP65 Touch Panel PC resistive series are needed, because of the harsh environments around there. Ideal for such purposes are our Full IP65 Panel PC. It is completely surrounded by a high-quality stainless steel housing and protected by IP65 standard against the ingress of dust or water spray. Even the most adverse conditions cannot harm the Full IP65 Panel PC, because the connections are sealed and meet the IP65 standard. Depending on your application you can get the Full IP65 Touch PC in different screen sizes, equipment and performance. This series of Full IP65 Touch PC is equipped with a resistive (5-wires) touch screen that work with light pressure on the touch by your finger, glove or Pen. On special request, the devices can also be manufactured individually, whether in small or large quantities.

suitable for use in all harsh industrial environments

Wall-Mount, Table-Mount, Machine-Mount (with optional VESA holder)