Full IP65 Touch Panel PC Capacitive Series

Protected against dust and splashing water. Seamless, fanless, multitouch and fully IP65 compliant 6- sided stainless steel chassis

Under harsh industrial environments many companies use Full IP65 Touch PCs that are resistant against chemicals, dirt and water. Our Full IP65 Multitouch Panel PCs are ideally suited for all these application. Each Full IP65 Multitouch PC is surrounded by a completely sealed V2A stainless steel housing, the full IP65 safety of protection is fulfilled. The interior life of the Full IP65 Multitouch Panel PC is protected against the ingress of splashing water or dust. The stainless steel case also withstands the toughest environmental conditions, because it is acid and lye-resistant and easy to clean.

Even the external connections and the power supply of the Multitouch Panel PC meet the strict IP65 standard. The Full IP65 Multitouch Panel PC is operated via the touch screen and is very intuitive and simple compared to conventional computers, which are still equipped with a keyboard and a mouse. Workflows become more efficient and allow time and cost savings. Depending on how the PC is used, it can be ordered in different display sizes and with various equipment. The type of processor and its performance can also be selected exactly according to your requirements. This series of Touch PCs is equipped with capacitive touch screen technology and respond by hand or by conductive pen. In addition, they are multitouchable and can also recognize several simultaneous contact points.

Due to the flat and very compact design of the Full IP65 Panel PC, it is easy to mount on walls or directly to machines via VESA bracket. For easy installation, each Full IP65 Multitouch PC is equipped with a VESA preparation. The Full IP65 Multitouch PCs also support various operating systems such as Windows or Linux

For the use in harsh industrial environments where dust and water occurs

Wall, Table, Machine, etc.. with optional VESA Holder (VESA mounting holes are prepared on the backside of the Panel PC).