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Industrial Din-Rail PC Series

A Industrial PC for different Din-Rail installation options, depending on the application. The compact design and the easy-to-reach interfaces in the front distinguish this series. Depending on the requirements, you will get the Din-Rail PC series in different CPU variants according to your needs. The input voltage is designed from 12 ~ 24V DCin and is realized via a Phoenix terminal power block. The complete Din-Rail PC series is fanless and does not contain any rotating parts (eg hard disk) inside.

Product Overview

DescriptionProduct NoDatasheet
DIN-Rail PC with Intel J1900 CPUCBDINJ1900pdf document
DIN-Rail PC with Intel Core i3 CPUCBDINCOREI3pdf document
DIN-Rail PC with Intel Core i5 CPUCBDINCOREI5pdf document
DIN-Rail PC with Intel Core i7 CPUCBDINCOREI7pdf document

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